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Welcome to the job page of the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC). Job postings are listed below and on the WorkInTexas website.
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Open Positions
FY15-82 Project Manager IV (Engineer)
FY16-11 AC and Boiler Operator II
FY16-18 A/C & Boiler Operator II
FY16-19 Groundskeeper II
FY16-26 Electronics Technician II
FY16-51 Custodian II (TSD)
FY16-52 Custodian II (TSBVI)
FY16-53 Vehicle Driver III
FY16-57 Auditor V

Closed to New Applicants
FY15-81 Project Manager IV (Architect) | View Details (PDF)
FY16-01a Clerk IV (Intern) | View Details (PDF)
FY16-02a Risk Management Specialist I | View Details (PDF)
FY16-09 Program Specialist I (Utility) | View Details (PDF)
FY16-15 Custodian III | View Details (PDF)
FY16-21 Manager I | View Details (PDF)
FY16-25 Program Specialist III (Security) | View Details (PDF)
FY16-41 Equipment Maintenance Technician II | View Details (PDF)
FY16-46 Electronics Technician I (Building Automation) | View Details (PDF)
FY16-47 Maintenance Specialist V | View Details (PDF)
FY16-48 Program Specialist V (Construction Cost Estimator) | View Details (PDF)
FY16-49 Program Specialist VII (Space Planner) | View Details (PDF)
FY16-50 Maintenance Specialist V (Carpenter) | View Details (PDF)
FY16-54 Administrative Assistant IV | View Details (PDF)