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Welcome to the job page of the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC). Job postings are listed below and on the WorkInTexas website.
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Open Positions
FY17-37 Custodial Manager I (Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired-Evening Shift)
FY17-39 Custodian II (Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired-Evening Shift)
FY17-40 Custodian II (Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired-Day Shift)
FY17-41 Custodian II (Texas School for the Deaf-Day Shift)
FY18-08 Maintenance Specialist IV (Painter)
FY18-10 Electrician II
FY18-11 Property Manager I
FY18-12 Project Manager IV
FY18-13 Auditor V
FY18-14 Accounting Technician II
FY18-15 Inventory & Store Specialist I
FY18-16 Maintenance Specialist V

Closed to New Applicants
FY17-31 A/C Boiler Operator II (Day Shift) | View Details (PDF)
FY17-35 Inspector V (Construction Inspector) | View Details (PDF)
FY17-44 Human Resources Assistant | View Details (PDF)
FY17-50 Inventory & Store Specialist I | View Details (PDF)
FY18-01 Director V (Chief Financial Officer) | View Details (PDF)
FY18-02 Maintenance Specialist V (Building Technician) | View Details (PDF)
FY18-03 Maintenance Specialist IV (Plumber) | View Details (PDF)
FY18-04 Information Technology Security Analyst II (ISO) | View Details (PDF)
FY18-05 Administrative Assistant III | View Details (PDF)
FY18-06 System Administrator III | View Details (PDF)
FY18-07 HVAC Mechanic III | View Details (PDF)
FY18-09 Accounting Technician I | View Details (PDF)