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Procurement training for staff

The primary functions and responsibilities of The Texas Facilities Procurement Program are:

  • to procure goods and services for the daily business needs of the agency

  • to procure architectural, engineering, and construction services in support of multiple state agencies;

  • to procure goods and services to support building infrastructure such as custodial, security, HVAC, mechanical, and electrical services,  

  • to procure goods and services in support of Statewide leasing requirements

  • to procure goods and services in support of Statewide Surplus Property

  • support the agency HUB requirements and goals


Persons interested in doing business with TFC, or with the State of Texas may find the following links helpful.

   Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) -TFC's current bidding opportunities

   State of Texas's Centralized Master Bidder's List (CMBL)


Procurement Staff Contacts

Richard Ehlert, CTPM
Procurement Director
(512) 463-0209

Rico Gamino,CTPM
(512) 936-3567

John Goodrich, CTPM
Major Construction
(512) 463-2743

Colin Gresham, CTPM
Minor Construction

(512) 936-0647

Fax (512) 236-6164



Proprietary / Emergency / No Bid Procurements

 Vendor Name Purchase Order # Amount   Justification
 Central Texas Commercial A/C & Heating  303-5-8004  $105,800.00  Emergency: Temporary Chiller Rental
 Johnson Controls  303-5-8020  $7,500.00  Proprietary: Replacement of single source
controls panel
 SHI Government Solutions  303-5-0664  $24,999.00  DIR contract vendor
 Summus Industries  303-5-0793  $5,273.53  DIR contract vendor; HUB reseller for Dell Products
 AssetWorks USA  303-4-0747 POCN #1  $14,492.90  DIR Contract Vendor; renewal of services
 American Hermetics, Inc.  303-5-8026  $30,302.30  Emergency: William P. Hobby Compressor #2 Replacement
 Tower Tech Services  303-5-8033  $6,990.00  Emergency: WPH Building Cooling Tower #1 gearbox replacement
 Fleet Maintenance Of Texas  303-5-8029  $6,140.34  Emergency: TFC Recycling Truck Repair
 Wolters Kluwer Financial Services  303-5-0914 POCN #1  $6,000.00  Proprietary: SAO TeamMate Audit Software and Consulting Services
 Marek Brother's Systems  303-5-1038  $7,455.00  Proprietary: Acoustical system sole Texas distributor
 Rockford Business Interiors  303-5-1044  $6,985.39  TxMAS: Tom C Clark Building Carpet Replacement