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Football Tailgating on State Property

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Texas Facilities Commission
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2015 Season
Tailgate Lot(s) - Setup - $40.00 per space. Home Game Use Only from Friday, 6:00 PM to Sunday, Noon
Tailgate Grass - various rate by square footage. Home Game Use Only from Friday, 6:00 PM to Sunday, Noon
State Garages with Public Access (E, F, J, Capitol Visitor Garage) – Game day Parking Only , $20.00 per space


Overview Tailgate Map - Pdf
Pre-Reserved Lots: Lot 2, Lot 3, Lot 7A, Lot 7B, Lot 12A, Lot 12B, Lot 12C, Lot 12D, parking lots
Pre-Reserved Grass Areas: CSX Grass, LBJ Grass, PKE Grass, REJ Grass, SFA Grass, WBT Grass
Partially Closed & Short-term Reserved Lots: Lot 22 (20 spaces), Lot ERS (8 spaces)
First Come, First Serve Lots (begin selling @ 6:00 pm night before home game): Lot 6, Lot 8, Lot 11, Lot 18, Lot 19

Tailgating on “State Property” Priority Wait List

Tailgate Policy Handbook(2014)

Advanced Reservation Payment Form - DOCX | PDF
parking lots

Use of Portable Toilets on State Property
Portable Unit(s) may not be placed on the Lot/Spaces until AFTER 6:00 PM on Friday, before each home game.
Portable Unit(s) must be removed from the Lot/Spaces NO LATER THAN 10:00 AM, Sunday or the day after the home game.

Portable Toilet Vendor: Award for IFB 303-6-00035 – Portable Toilet Rental, Austin, TX was made to Superior Septic Service/Clean Can (512) 244-6300 in the amount of $12,600.00.  The award has been posted on the Electronic State Business Daily at the following URL:

The TFC prefers use of the same company who received the bid for Portable Toilets, to ensure pick-up of the unit on Sunday. You are not required to use the same company, however the company is required to remove the unit(s) by no later than 10:00am on Sunday.