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3 Ways to look at Energy

There are three approaches to reducing the TFC's costs and optimizing its resource consumption . Often people think only in terms of usage (i.e. lights, plug load, etc.). The OEM, however, works to take a more expansive look at its resources, including purchasing, producing and distributing, and actual consumption.

  • Procurement - The OEM is constantly investigating better methods to streamline its procurement strategies.  For example, it recently proposed aggregating the States electrical load to benefit from economies of scale, wholesale rates, reduced peak demand charges, and to acquire a more sophisticated rate structure.      
  • Production/Distribution - In producing and distributing most of the utilities for state-owned buildings in Austin, the OEM has a great opportunity to increase the efficiency of its buildings, plants, and equipment.  For example, the OEM is currently studying the possibility of incorporating combined heat and power in its production.
  • Usage - Reducing the usage of resources requires a two-fold approach.  The OEM is responsible for keeping buildings up-to-date with, for example, the latest, most efficient fixtures.  However we are also responsible for educating tenants on how to maximize the benefits of their use.  Without the combination of these two measures, our reduction efforts are not optimally helpful.