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Load Aggregation and Gas Consolidation

Annually, Texas state agencies consume over $200 million in electricity, which is procured and billed on thousands of separate accounts through various providers.  In an effort to reduce these expenditures, the OEM is looking at ways to aggregate the State's electrical load into fewer accounts, perhaps into just one.  This strategic initiative could take advantage of negotiation opportunities, economies of scale, consolidation of facility loads and load scheduling resulting in the TFC saving thousands of dollars a year on electricity alone.

The TFC is also working with the General Land Office (GLO) to aggregate smaller state agency accounts to provide volume discounts for these accounts. Currently, smaller state agencies procure gas supplies from the local gas companies or in amounts from the GLO which does not render the economies of scale capable with the aggregate consumption with the TFC. By aggregating these smaller amounts, the TFC gets a better deal for the buildings under the TFC's control and the other agencies.