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Property Available for Transfer to Political Subdivisions & Approved Assistance Organizations

Surplus property listed on this website is available to state agencies, political subdivisions, and assistance organizations, not to the general public. The Texas Facilities Commission has the authority to set the price per Section 2175.184 of the Texas Government Code. During the 12 calendar days that the property is posted on this website, a transfer to a state agency has priority over any other transfer.

A Certificate of Acquisition Form must be completed and submitted to TFC for transfers of state agency property to a political subdivision or approved assistance organization. Please submit completed forms via email to or fax to 512-236-6173.

Assistance organizations MUST be approved by TFC prior to requesting property for direct transfer from a state agency. In order for agency property managers to verify the organization's eligibility:

  1. Check TFC's list of approved assistance organizations, and;
  2. Request a copy of the assistance organization's TFC-issued approval letter. While the TFC website is updated daily, it is NOT a replacement for the approval letter. The letter will contain a list of the type(s) of property that the organization is approved to receive.

TFC also disposes of federal surplus property, which is available to state and local public agencies and certain non-profit, tax exempt entities.

Surplus property listings are updated daily
All Other Furniture (2)
Art Collections
Audio Equipment (13)
Boats (2)
Communications Equipment (29)
Computer CPU's (271)
Computer Drives and Peripherals (54)
Computer Hardware (3)
Computer Software (2)
Cooking Equipment (1)
Cosmetology Equipment
Duplicating Equipment
Fax Machines (1)
Heavy Equipment (48)
Instructional Equipment
Light Equipment (8)
Medical Equipment (6)
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